Green initiatives – in Payroll? (Part 2)

Payroll processing and administration lend themselves to “green” paths pretty well.  For example, how do you process your payroll?  Let’s do a comparison.

Timecards machine punched (Old Way) vs. Biometric or Smartphone time entry (Better Way)  The old way of gathering time on timecards punched by clock has been succeeded many times over by better, less manually driven ways.  For example, a finger swipe or retina scan can establish an employee’s attendance electronically.  Then, that scan can be read by a Time and Attendance system or software program.  Call it Green Time.

Timecard total hours calculated manually (Old Way) vs. Direct Interface to Payroll system (Better Way)  It takes time for a person to calculate “in” and “out” time less lunch, etc. manually.  That person must also know all the rules for breaks and lunches, etc.  This is a process that is prone to errors.  Using an automated time and attendance system means that all the information in an employee’s hours profile is automatically taken into account when calculating his time entries.  Less manual calculation equals less time to calculate payroll and fewer errors, which also leads to more Green Time.

Payroll Data entered and transmitted to vendor on paper (Old Way) vs. Online Transmittal of Payroll Data to Vendor (Better Way)  Transferring data to your payroll vendor via paper input sheets is so 1970’s! So stop using that method and find a software program or a vendor that provides online access to direct data entry.  Save time, money and fuel (those paper time sheets and data entry forms have to be transported somehow) by making online entries.

Paper Output (Old Way) vs. Downloadable PDF reports (Better Way) How does your system or vendor produce management reports for you?  If they are only available on paper, look for a better way.  In addition to the cost of delivering that paper, you also need to consider storage.  Payroll data needs secure storage and a clear retention schedule.  It’s so much easier to maintain online reports in a secure directory or on CD or DVD, than to find file cabinets, storage rooms or more expensively, offsite storage in a warehouse.  It’s also safer – if your reports are not on paper, there’s no way for it to be accidentally destroyed by water, fire, neglect, etc.  A single CD can contain thousands of pages of reports, while thousands of pages will fill up a small file cabinet.  Add in the Green Time you’ll save by searching a CD vs. slogging through paper – it’s a no-brainer!

Accessing Paper Reports (Old Way) vs. Accessing Online Reports (Better Way) Any paper payroll registers, custom reports or other needed information can only be accessed on paper.  That means you’ll need to be in the same place as the paper.  An online directory, however, can be accessed remotely.  This means that in case of an emergency or a snowstorm, work can still go on even if you’re not physically in the office.

Paper Delivery (Old Way) vs. Electronic Delivery (Better Way) Want to save money?  Look at the delivery charges you incur on your payroll deliveries.  The larger the packages, the more you pay.  The less paper that has to be delivered, the lower the delivery costs.  Cutting down on paper equals more Green Time.

Take a look at all your current payroll processes.  Where is the Green Time hiding?

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