Jets Cheerleaders Payday

Following the success of the Cincinnati, Tampa Bay and Oakland NFL cheerleaders and dance squads, the Jets cheerleaders have been awarded $324,000 in compensation for the pay not received under their former working conditions.  Covering the 2012-13 and 2013-14 seasons, the settlement will compensate the cheerleaders, known as the Flight Crew, for their work during those years.  The women were formerly paid $150 per game, nothing for practice and they had to pay for their own makeup, hair care and transportation.  Factoring that into the amount they were paid, the women earned less than minimum wage.

The settlement means that each woman will receive $2500 per season they worked and $400 for each photo session in which they participated.  Some legislators have introduced bills into state assemblies that will classify the cheerleaders as team employees.  This would entitle the  cheerleaders and dancers to protection under Workers’ Compensation laws as well as qualifying them for certain benefits.  Read more about the settlement here.


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