Exempt W-4 Forms

Have you reviewed the W-4 Forms on file for your employees lately?  This is a good time to do so.  Anyone who has claimed “Exempt” on a W-4 Form should know that the form expires each year.  By February 29th, all employees who made the “Exempt” claim for 2015 will have to have submitted a new Form W-4.

Have your employees review the information at the top of page 1 on the W-4 Form.  This will remind them of the obligation, as well as providing tips on how to fill out the form correctly.

Remember – you’re not the W-4 police, so you don’t need to advise or make suggestions on the correct way to fill out the form.  My suggestion is to have the employee read the entire form and then ask any “non-tax policy” questions they may have.

The liability belongs to the employee, so make sure that they understand and accept the responsibility.


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