Year-End Tips for Payroll #4

By now, you should have a good idea of your year-end schedule, as well as any items that need to be addressed by the Payroll, Benefits and HR Teams.  If you haven’t already done so, call a meeting of the team leads for these and any other teams that affect payroll’s year-end process.

Choose the most practical format: conference call, video conference, face-to-face meeting, and develop an agenda.  The agenda is crucial, so that you can stay on task.  Each team will probably have some items to discuss, so reach out to them prior to the meeting and ensure that everyone’s concerns are addressed.

Your meeting should also include the Compensation team lead, in case of any contractual items that need to be addressed.  For example, you may have a repayment or payment obligation to be scheduled before December 31.  There may be some moving expenses to be considered, so make sure that the Accounts Payable Team is also included.  Request that the AP team review payments to employees so any reporting issues can be addressed as well.

Ask again if there are any outstanding payments that have to be made in 2015, and ensure that a special off-cycle payroll or one-time payment can be processed quickly.  Find out if any scheduled payments have been moved to 2016.

Remember that December days pass quickly due to holidays and last-minute vacations, so assume that you won’t be able to reach most folks by next week!   Try to take it all in stride, and enjoy December!


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