The No-Tip World – How does it really work?

What Really Happens when a Restaurant Bans Tipping

This should be helping the kitchen staff as well as the waitstaff.  Does it really work?  What do you think?

Six months later, Bar Marco manager Joslynn Manges told The Huffington Post the transition has been a success, and said that the restaurant is attracting more customers because of the change in policy.

“We have people coming in consistently who partially come in because of what we’re doing, not just because of the service and food,” Manges said. “They respect the general idea of what we’re doing and they support it.”

The cheerleaders are talking.

Major League Cheerleaders are suing

Their claim is wage theft, since they have worked many additional hours for what they claim is no pay.  They have received flat amounts per game with no additional compensation.  At issue: are they employees or contractors, and has the minimum wage stipulation under FLSA been violated?  Interesting story; I’m staying tuned.